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Recently we wrote of the benefits of virtual offices in Brisbane or the Gold Coast to businesses, and there were many. There are also great benefits for staff and this generally translates to greater productivity and profits for the business as a whole. If you think your company is one that could give up the bricks and mortar for a more digital existence, you should consider the benefits to your staff. The regional experts at providing office solutions, Corporate House, explore just a few of these advantages.

Less Commuting

While the great mass of workers spend hours and hours a week in vehicles or on public transport, remote workers are usually only burdened by a commute from the bedroom to the living room. Renting virtual office space in Brisbane or the Gold Coast will save your workers a great deal of time and stress and offer them flexibility that just isn’t possible in a regular office.


This flexibility simultaneously benefits staff and businesses. From haircuts to parental duties, banking to shopping, workers have a myriad of commitments during work hours that require time off. With the flexibility of working remotely, however, they can tailor their schedule, ensuring a happy workforce without the loss of work hours.

Extended Talent Pool

If your office isn’t restricted by geography, neither is your workforce. If you set your business up to run from a virtual office in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, you can employ the very best people for any vacant position. Whether they are located interstate or internationally, expertise can be secured from all corners of the globe.

Goal Oriented Work

Free from the shackles of set hours, employers and employees can instead focus on work goals. If realistic targets are agreed upon, an employer can easily monitor progress and act accordingly. Employees are generally more productive under this arrangement, and certainly more accountable.

Obviously, not all businesses can operate remotely, but a growing number of industries are recognising the many benefits of doing so and see it, not just as a viable alternative to traditional offices, but also a profitable one. Whether you have just set-up a business or are looking to shift an established one into the digital realm, a virtual office is the vital link between the two worlds. If you feel your business falls into any of these categories and want a happy and productive workforce, you should consider renting virtual office space in Brisbane or the Gold Coast from Corporate House.

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