Improving Workplace Productivity Via Quality Office Fit-Outs

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Workplace productivity is the foundation on which successful businesses are built. However, there are many factors that contribute to your ability to achieve an optimal level of output during business hours. One of the most influential drivers of workplace productivity is the office space itself, more specifically how it creates an environment conducive to achieving your daily business goals.  

However, in the case of traditional leases, the office fitout is quite often an afterthought, or considered a luxury undeserving of significant investment. At Corporate House, our premium serviced offices are expertly designed to maximise your productivity whilst providing the highest levels of convenience and cost efficiency for your business.  

In addition to the myriad of benefits a serviced office can provide over a traditional lease, Corporate House’s flexible workspaces boast world class fitouts, using only the best furniture and materials, to maximise comfort, minimise noise and create a productive atmosphere.

Below are just 3 ways in which a serviced office at a Corporate House location can contribute to your workplace productivity, whilst remaining a cost effective option.  


If you’re uncomfortable at your workspace, you’re unlikely to perform at your best. However the unfortunate truth is that comfort comes at a cost which many SME’s can’t justify amongst their other expenses. At Corporate House, client comfort is a priority, with custom made, ergonomically designed desks & chairs as standard inclusions.  


One of the biggest barriers to a productive workplace is noise. Whether it’s a overhearing a phone call, the meeting in the next office, or even the chatter of the lunch room, a loud environment can stifle concentration levels and ultimately decrease productivity. Corporate House utilizes the highest quality in sound proof glass and wall insulation to minimise sound travel and maximise your ability to focus.


A common dilemma faced by SME’s is the location of client meetings. If your office space doesn’t project a professional image, you’ll likely be holding meetings in local coffee shops, or travelling to your client’s premises & wasting valuable time. Corporate House’s serviced office clients receive complimentary usage of our premium boardrooms and meeting rooms per month at all of our 8 locations, allowing you to host business meetings in a professional and convenient location for you.

If you’d like to improve your workplace productivity, but don’t wish to invest heavily in an office fit-out, a serviced office at one of Corporate House’s prestigious locations provides the best of both worlds in terms of cost and improved productivity. Book your free tour at any of our serviced office locations across Brisbane & The Gold Coast today to experience the difference a premium office fit-out can make.

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