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Over the past 2 years, millions of Australians have been forced to work from home due to Covid related restrictions. Whilst some may have enjoyed not having to commute into the office every day, there’s a general consensus in the business world that working from home is not without its drawbacks.

As we move toward 2022, there’s a healthy anticipation for our work life to return to normal including working amongst like minded people, social interaction, a distinct separation between work and home life and more.

Without knowing what the next year will bring, flexible workspaces such as coworking have never been a more attractive proposition for many businesses and sole traders.

Below we’ll look at the reasons why Coworking may be perfect for you in 2022.


Corporate House coworking desks can be booked by the month or even as little as one day at a casual day rate. The removal of a long term workspace commitment (lease) provides peace of mind that if circumstances change, you’re not paying for office space that you aren’t using.


By now, many Australians are all too familiar with the plentiful distractions that working from home brings. With studies showing that it takes an average of 23 minutes to fully get back in the zone after being distracted, remaining productive in your home environment can be a challenge! Our coworking spaces provide you with a dedicated desk in a professional environment where you can focus on the task at hand without the distractions of barking dogs, screaming kids or noisy neighbours.

Social Interaction

Whilst technology has been used extensively to keep in touch with colleagues throughout lockdowns, it’s no substitute for the casual social interactions we as humans crave. At Corporate House we work hard to foster a sense of community amongst our tenants via regular social events and networking opportunities.

Attractive Pricing

Whether you’re a sole trader or large business, controlling costs is critical to ensuring a healthy profit margin. A dedicated coworking desk at Corporate House is only $499 per month which includes:

  • 24/7 secure access
  • Plug and play with a fully furnished workspace in an open plan office
  • Unlimited access to business grade fibre broadband
  • Dedicated receptionist to meet and greet your clients
  • All outgoings including cleaning, electricity and air-con
  • 8 hours of free usage of meeting rooms and boardrooms across 10 locations
  • Full access to kitchen facilities including free tea/coffee

When you consider a small unfurnished office in a similar location could cost you upwards of 6x this (plus) per month before any outgoings, the value of our coworking space becomes abundantly clear.

The Ability To Switch Off

One of the most common pitfalls of working from home is the feeling of never actually leaving work. The separation between work and home life is incredibly important for our mental health and the lack of a physical distinction between the two can soon lead to feelings of burnout. Our coworking space allows you to have a cost effective workplace in which you focus 100% of your energy into the day’s challenges whilst being able to leave it all behind at the end of the day.

If you’d like to learn more about how a dedicated coworking desk at a Corporate House location could help your business thrive, book a tour now at your nearest location by calling 1300 968 763.

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