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At Corporate House, we like to stay on top of our city here in Brisbane. An in-depth knowledge of rising suburbs here allows us to stay ahead of the market, and ensure that we are present wherever business goes.

It is for reasons of business, then, that we are proud to offer premier office space in Murarrie. This Brisbane suburb, located to the south and east of the central business district, holds a number of key advantages, which have proven instrumental in its rise as a business hub.

The proximity to the downtown of Queensland’s capital is matched only by the convenient middle ground the area inhabits, with the international airport to the direct east and the city to the west. The nearby train allows easy access to the Gold Coast, while the proximity to major highway arteries allows businesses the ability to skip the slow inner-city crawl to visit a client.

And as the area develops, the property is gaining importance as an up-and-coming hub for local businesses. Land taxation fees are lower outside of the city proper, attracting investments from a number of different sectors. This includes a large property acquisition by the GMPG Group, one of their largest, who also sought to put down stakes in this region.

And so can you. When you’re ready to get started in Murarrie, give Corporate House a call!

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