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The growing suburbs of the Gold Coast are bringing in interested parties from all over Australia. The amenable climate and steady influx of tourists and beachgoers ensures a steady stream of business-friendly citizens, to vacation, to be educated, or to put down stakes.

Varsity Lakes is one of the best examples of a suburb on the rise. In real estate, location is key – it pays to be close to transport options as a suburb – and the railway to Brisbane is located within minutes of the core. Meanwhile, the beach and party vibe of Gold Coast, and the surf break at Burleigh Heads, are mere minutes away.

Complementing the location of this suburb is the steady influx of students at Bond University. This large establishment has been educating young Australians and foreigners since 1989, and shows no sign of slowing down. Their constant influx of new faces has bred a robust service and amenities industry in the area, while ensuring a constant demand for student housing and transport.

Our office space in Varsity Lakes comes ready and equipped to handle any challenge you can face. With chic decoration and modern equipment, we can cover any sector and level of activity.

There are few suburbs in Gold Coast that can brag about the number of assets that Varsity Lakes can. If you’re interested in joining the wealth of new businesses setting up shop in this fine area, you can do no better than giving Corporate House a call for office space in Varsity Lakes.

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