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Serviced Offices vs Traditional Offices

Hiring and moving into a new office is an expensive process that presents numerous logistical difficulties. Traditionally, offices have been rigid with regard to both the physical space they offer and the terms and conditions attached to the lease. With a view to cost effective, stress-free convenience, Corporate House offer serviced office space in Brisbane and the Gold Coast that better reflect the demands of modern day businesses.

So, how do traditional and serviced offices differ?

Paying for Space

One of the drawbacks of traditional offices is that you pay for areas you don’t use much. You may, for example, only require the boardroom once a month, but you pay steep rates for those valuable square metres of space. Similarly, corridors and other largely unused spaces add area to your leasing agreement but subtract value. If you instead opt for a serviced office in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, you pay for the areas you use and the cost of shared spaces, such as boardrooms, are split over multiple businesses.


When it comes to leases, traditional offices are generally fixed, whereas serviced offices in Gold Coast, Brisbane and elsewhere place greater emphasis on flexibility. Corporate House offers short or long-term leases to our tenants and can accommodate the changing nature of your business, increasing or decreasing your space as needed.


Moving into a traditional office can be difficult and time consuming. Amenities, such as internet connectivity, are often lacking at the time of moving, and furniture that may have fit perfectly in your old space is unusable in the new. A Corporate House serviced office space in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, on the other hand, is fully equipped and operational from the moment you move in. There is no need to waste money on expensive, temporary amenities or worry about moving anything but your staff and business essentials.


Traditional offices include little more than the space itself. A serviced office in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, however, comes not only with the furnishings and amenities listed above, but also with a dedicated receptionist and cleaning and maintenance staff.

Whether you’re considering moving a long established office or you are looking for your very first, it would be wise to consider the modern, convenient, cost-saving alternative to traditional offices. If you rent a serviced office in Brisbane or the Gold Coast from Corporate House, you’ll soon appreciate the many advantages over the traditional office.

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