The Role of Ergonomic Furniture in Workplace Productivity

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In 2019, the number of Australians employed in sedentary work has risen to approximately 50% of the working population. Sedentary work can be defined as excessive occupational sitting exposure of 30 minutes or more without a mini-break, and is fast becoming a WHS issue of national importance for Safe Work Australia.

In their 2016 report into the issue, Safe Work Australia found that prolonged sitting is associated with a range of health issues including; musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular disease, obesity, poor mental health, & more.

The report also explored the effect of activity promoting workstations, including sit-stand desks, and noted that these types of environmental controls can significantly reduce occupational sedentary time and therefore lower workers’ exposure to the detrimental effects of excessive sitting.

Whilst it’s important to recognise the risks associated with excessive sitting, it’s also critical to consider the role workstation fitouts play in reducing posture related injuries when working in a seated position. provides a list of tips to avoid computer related injuries on their website, including a recommendation of using ergonomically designed chairs that support the natural curve of your spine.

Corporate House has long recognised the positive impact ergonomic office furniture can have on workplace safety and productivity and has invested heavily into ensuring the majority of our workspaces include electric sit-to-stand desks and ergonomically designed workstations and chairs. Just as important is the variety of spaces that people can work from. Corporate House locations are designed to have many breakout areas that provide a variety of areas to work from and encourage office tenants to stay active and mix up their standard work position. Their latest centre in Pymble Sydney boasts phone booths, high table meeting spaces, sun loungers, egg chairs and a putting green!

Whilst the relationship between fewer health issues and a reduction in lost productivity can be considered obvious, it’s also important to note the benefits ergonomic fitouts can have on improving business outcomes beyond simply reducing the incidence of injury and illness.

A recent article from Forbes reported that 87% of workers would like their current employer to offer healthier workspaces, including ergonomic workstations, and 93% of tech industry workers would stay longer at a company who offers healthier workspace benefits – such as sit-to-stand desks, ergonomic seating or break out spaces.

These findings are especially pertinent for businesses who currently employ staff or plan to in the future. With ever increasing competition in the talent market, attracting and retaining employees can be considered critical to the success of any business. Whatever the size of your business, the facilities and ergonomic fitouts offered by Corporate House can play a key role in attracting and retaining staff for your business.

So whether you’re a sole trader, or growing business, it’s critical to embrace the benefits of ergonomically designed workstations in the workplace to both reduce the risk of injury, and promote a healthy and attractive work environment for potential employees. The combination of which will ultimately lead to increased productivity and better business outcomes no matter what industry you operate in.

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